Fungalor Foot mushroom cream

Statistically, one in five people in the world suffer from fungal infections on their feet and toes. The disease is most often caused by the built-up shoes (or by saying a slightest fact that we wear them continuously). Insufficient foot ventilation, high temperature and humidity create excellent conditions for the development of pathogenic germs and microorganisms, which in turn leads to the emergence of infections.

Itching is the most common symptom of fungal infection, as well as burning and inflammation of the skin. After exposure to fungal infection, the skin finally starts to exfoliate and crack. Fire places can cause pain. Later, the mycosis attacks the nails, which start to crumble and even fall off. In serious cases, fungal infection leads to a bacterial infection, which is even more harmful to health.

Important is the fact that the symptoms of infection depend on the type of fungus that attacked the skin. Interval fungus mainly attacks the space between the fourth and fifth fingers at the feet. Infected areas begin to exfoliate over time and eventually break up, increasing the feeling of pain, and the infection affects the general state of health.

Muddycock fungus begins with a feeling of pain in the foot, on which bulges and cracks appear. The advanced stage of infection is also transmitted to the nails, which eventually start to crumble and may fall off.

Mushroom may also appear on the underside of the foot in the form of subcutaneous bubbles filled with liquid. It is often associated with a bacterial infection.

A specialist in a medical facility should diagnose a fungal infection. Infected areas of the feet are examined and patients are asked to mention the symptoms and ask if similar symptoms have occurred in the past. Samples shall be taken from infected sites which are analysed to determine the type of fungus.

Creams and ointments are prescribed in the early stages of the disease, which can significantly reduce symptoms or completely eliminate mycosis. In later stages, the infection can be treated with antifungal drugs administered orally (tablets).

Usually, treatment of mycosis in medical institutions is extremely expensive, and some medicines may not have positive effects. Of course, most people prefer to avoid surgical treatment if possible, and now they will have the opportunity to do so, because a drug of invaluable efficacy has been developed.

Independent studies by Hungarian doctors confirm that 97% of cases of this medicine are fighting fungal infection. Fungalor cream is able to completely destroy the fungus and bacteria that have attacked the foot. It is a patented medication that has undergone all clinical trials and has produced positive results.

Fungalor cream does not require any specialist knowledge. Another advantage of this medicine is that children can use it. It contains only organic and natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of side effects and allergic reactions.


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